We are pleased to announce we have just received the first Bomford DYNA-DRIVE units at IAM.
We will be demonstrating these units in the near future.  Please call Michael Brennen the Bomford Demonstrator on 087 1248403 for more details.

Originally introduced in the 1980’s, the DYNA-DRIVE became one of the bestselling BOMFORD products and was well known throughout the world, due to its simplicity and low running costs, and many machines are still in use today.

The DYNA-DRIVE can be used for both primary and secondary cultivations, making it one of the most versatile cultivators on the market. With farmers having to look at the cultural control of blackgrass as part of their overall control policy, because it is non-PTO powered and quick and easy to use, the DYNA-DRIVE is ideal for use in this situation as it enables stale seedbeds to be quickly and cheaply created for the subsequent chemical control of blackgrass.
Where rotational ploughing is used, in intervening years by only cultivating the top few centimetres of soil, this ensures that weed seeds are not brought back up and newer seeds are kept close to the surface for quick germination and subsequent control.

The DYNA-DRIVE is also particularly popular with organic farmers, as the action of the second rotor will lift out and leave weeds, especially those with rhizomatous root systems such as couch, on the surface where they can dry-out and die.

Simple, robust maintenance-free drive system. The massive duplex drive chain has automatic tensioning and shock loads are absorbed by the cushion device. Lubrication is by oil bath.



With no power soaking PTO drive system to increase energy costs and perhaps cause wear and tear to the tractor back end, the highly efficient DYNA-DRIVE uses the power of its tines being pulled through the soil to lift and break-up the hardest soil surface.By breaking the soil upwards instead of downwards or sideways, as with conventional cultivators, energy costs are significantly reduced for the amount of work done.Ground drive not power take off.

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