Sales Department

IAM Agricultural Machinery is not just associated with well-designed and superbly engineered products; it is also synonymous with first-class customer service, technical support and parts provision.

Our team of experienced engineers and technical specialists work closely with colleagues across our dealer network and with our customers to ensure that all of the products we supply are backed by the highest standard of technical and product support.


Pat Kenny

Job title: Sales & Business Manager
Landline: +353 56 7765826
Mobile: +353 87 3690864

Martin Owens

Job title: Sales Area Manager
Landline: +35356 7765826
Mobile: +35387 9061920

Niall Lavery

Job title: Sales Area Manager
Landline: +353 56 7765826
Mobile: +4474 93344833

JP Hearn

Job title: Demonstrator
Landline: +353 56 7765826
Mobile: +353871248403

John Lawless

Job title: Parts and Service After-Sales Specialist
Landline: +353 56 7765826
Mobile: +35387 2573170

Billy Dwyer

Job title: Transport Manager
Landline: +35356 7765826
Mobile: +35387 6195243

David Holohan

Job title: Marketing & Sales Specialist
Landline: +35356 7765808