IAM Agricultural Machinery will be displaying Bomford Turner’s Flailbot the first remotely-controlled mower with an extendible track footprint at this year’s FTMTA show in Punchestown.

Each of the two tracks can be independently extended by the operator by 250mm / 10”. By widening the footprint to aid stability and grip, the mower can operate on inclines up to 55 degrees.

With a powerful Perkins 40hp engine, twin-track grip, excellent manoeuvrability and flexible tool attachment options, Flailbot delivers robust all-terrain performance. Rubber and studded steel track choices offer the best traction for different surface conditions, whilst automatic track tensioning prevents track loss.

To maintain the optimum cutting height and angle, the 1500 mm / 59” cutting head floats over the terrain, adjusted automatically. A range of tools and accessories allow Flailbot to be configured for a wide range of applications, including green maintenance, earthmoving, snow clearing and agricultural processing.

Remote control makes Flailbot ideal for use on hilly, banked and even mountainous areas. With a range of up to 150m / 492’, the remote ensures precise joystick control of forward or reverse track speeds, from 0-7 km/h / 0-4.5 mph. The unit also displays real-time data, including machine incline, attitude and speed.

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