Bomford  NEW  Buzzard Telescopic VFA – the company’s flagship telescopic – variable forward arm hedge cutter.

Buzzard Telescopic VFA - Hedgecutter

Buzzard Telescopic VFA – Hedgecutter


With a reach of 7.25m – 8.0m this machine gives an excellent range of reach, not only at 7.25m/8.0m but at much closer working parameters, giving the opportunity to cut close in to the tractor as well.

With a powerful 125 litre per minute cutting system producing 74hp at the cutting head, the Buzzard Telescopic VFA will be at the forefront of long reach arm mower technology. There are choices of drive system system used throughout the current Buzzard range, and can run a variety of cutting attachments, in addition to the standard 1200 Pro Cut cutting head, such as 1500 – 2000 head, rotary heads, and saws.

The significant advantages of the Tele VFA arm system, is the ability to cut alongside the tractor cab, and drivers view through the side window. This eases the strain on the operator and seating position when being used for prolonged periods of time.  The arm can travel up to 2.1m forward, and rearwards of 1.1m.  The arm travel allows the cutting head to be place in behind the rear tractor wheel for use in confined areas.

Choice of controls on this flagship model are the popular top of the range ICS fully proportional, ensures that operator comfort is catered for, along with additional accessories such as warning arrows, and debris blowers. Standard features include Parallel linkage, oil cooler, arm float and head float, cutting head transport bracket, hydraulic breakout, LED road lighting.

Comments James Cuthbertson, Director of Sales & Marketing,

We are excited to launch his flagship model from our range into the market, this now completes a range of variable forward arms from 5.0m to 8.0m In a range with this depth of options and choices, there is a machine for every budget and operation”

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