At this year’s Eurotier 2022 in Hanover Germany, Strautmann presented a fully electric driven self-propelled diet tub feeder

The electric battery driven self-propelled diet tub feeder is currently available on the e-Sherpa and e-Primus 400 and eliminates emissions (both noise, exhaust gases). At the same time, enabling the farmer to efficiently use renewable energy reducing energy costs and contribute further to sustainable agriculture.

Electric self-propelled Diet Tub Feede

Both ranges are equipped with a vertical mixing auger as standard and are available with a mixing capacity of 11-16.5 m³, depending on the model.

Compared to conventional concepts, the battery-electric self-propelled diet tub feeder excels by a allowing more design flexibility with the use of electrical components compared to traditional mechanical, hydraulic drive. Thus, helps to increase the performance and efficiency of the entire system.

The system is equipped with a modular, liquid-cooled high-voltage battery with an innovative battery management system. Three of the four electric motors are used to electrify to the drive augers, traction, and milling system. The auxiliary functions are operated by the 4th motor via electro-hydraulically system. Demand and power-controlled of these components contributes to a higher overall efficiency of the Self-Propelled Diet tub Feeder. One battery charge enables the picking-up, mixing and discharge of up to 16 t of TMR.

To increase versatility of existing charging infrastructure, the machine is equipped with both an on-board charger and a CCS2-compliant fast charging system.

Bi-directional charging allows the battery to be used as an energy storage device to release the stored electricity in the evening or at night, to operate other components on the farm e.g., milking robots or milk cooling systems when no solar power is available. Energy can be taken from the energy storage device until the remaining capacity of the battery is sufficient to carry out the planned next feeding.

This offers the possibility of using the machine as an additional energy storage device to increase the proportion of in-house energy stored and used. Thus, the electrically driven self-propelled model becomes a reliable partner in daily use on the farm.

Due to the electric drive, there are no machine or noise emissions whatsoever, helping with animal welfare and occupational safety.

After an extensive test phase for the eSherpa and the ePrimus the machines will be available for delivery in 2024.

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