NOW AVAILABLE THROUGH TAMS III (Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme)

The TAMS III (Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme) program has recently added Bomford Turner Turbo Flail Mowers to its approved list of farm equipment. These mowers are designed to prioritize user-friendliness and durability while requiring minimal maintenance. The Turbo Mower collection from Bomford Turner includes several models, including the Elite, Euro, Open, and Pro flail mowers. Each model offers a wide range of cutting widths at an affordable price.

The Bomford Turner Turbo Flail Mowers can be mounted on the front or rear of a tractor, with cutting widths ranging from 1.3m to 3m and variable cutting heights between 25mm to 150mm. Furthermore, each model comes equipped with a standard fitted roller ranging in size from 140mm to 194mm depending on the selected model, plus side skids. Certain models are even fitted with an adjustable guard that allows the rear hood to be opened.

The Turbo Mower range is designed to be fully offset and has hydraulic offset as standard on models that are 1.9m and above. This makes it possible to cut within the width of the tractor. This feature further contributes to the user-friendliness of the mowers, as they increase efficiency and ensure greater ease of use.

Bomford Turbo Mower

These mowers offer several advantages to farmers, including the ability to handle various terrains and foliage types with ease. They can handle everything from small shrubs to thickets of long grass while maintaining high-quality results. This is because they are constructed to be durable and robust, ensuring they withstand even heavy agricultural use.

Incorporating Bomford Turner Turbo Flail Mowers into your farm is an excellent investment. These machines are easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective, without compromising on the quality of the finish produced. The addition of the adjustable guard on select models and the full offset design also makes it easy to navigate around obstacles.

The TAMS III program offers advanced and modern farm equipment like the Bomford Turner Turbo Flail Mowers, which boost operational efficiency and productivity on your farm. By incorporating these mowers into your farming activities, you will enjoy low maintenance costs, reduce labour time, maximize output, and ensure that your farm looks beautiful year-round. Contact the sales team for more information on how to acquire these innovative machines.