Frankie Walsh from Tullaroan, Co Kilkenny, went to a Machinery Demo being held by local Dealer Eardly Machinery where he first set eyes on the Bomford Dyna Drive. This is an old system –brought right up to date by Bomford Turner, a Company perhaps better known in Ireland for their Hedge Cutters. Frankie specialises in a few farming areas, fertiliser spreading, bale handling and re-seeding, and is well equipped for these often-long jobs.

Re-Seeding; Experiencing difficulties with his previous machine-mostly penetration problems following two dry years, Frankie was anxious to see what else was available. He heard about and went down to Eardly Machinery’s public demonstration to have a look for himself. Having seen the machine being put through its paces on the day, he was convinced that it was the right machine for him.

“So far I’ve just done about 60 acres” said Frankie, who farms near Tullaroan in the high part of Co. Kilkenny. “From 1000 ft. here” says Frankie, “you can see seven counties and at this altitude ground conditions are sometimes very hard”.

Bomford themselves say; “No matter how big the job you need to tackle, the Bomford Dyna-Drive Cultivator will give you performance and reliability. Use the Dyna-Drive to break up stubble before the plough, after the plough or instead of the plough. The Dyna-Drive is powered by the passage of its tines through soil to give minimum running costs and maximum reliability. Being geared to the ground rather than the tractor, high outputs under difficult operating conditions are no longer a worry.”

The Dyna Flow principle. Front rotor driving the rear

Heavy Duplex Drive Chain to rear rotor. (Oil filled Box)

Frankie and I went to the field close to the farmyard to have a look at the results. This old grass field was sprayed off some two weeks ago and given two runs of the Dyna Drive whilst simultaneously sowing new grass seed on the second pass. It’s nice to talk to a satisfied customer, and indeed Frankie has already re-seeded for other satisfied local farmers. These few words cannot give you a full picture of the potential of this simple machine. Frankie tells me he will be only too happy to have a chat with any possible customer and indeed to quote any farmer to do the work for  them. Frankie can be reached at 087 6877523

The Dyna-Drive is made in several working widths- from 2 to 5 meters. The machine in Frankie’s is a three-meter machine. It’s a heavy-duty machine weighing in at almost 1.5 tons and is well matched to Frankie’s Claas 620 tractor. For additional information on this and other Bomford products call IAM Agricultural Machinery, in Kilkenny at 056 7765826, we can organise a Demo on your own land if required. Close up of the Dyna-Drive tines, which dig in and lift the soil Frankie tells me that in a few weeks this will be as level as a Kilkenny hurling pitch. Already the green hue of new growth is evident.

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