Hardi PulseSystem – lowering spray drift  with the lowest drift potential in the market

By combining two innovative drift-reduction technologies, HARDI has designed an application system with the highest capacity and the lowest drift potential in the market. The TWIN FORCE boom employs the world’s best system for application control. Using a combination of targeted airflow, angle, and speed, the system can reduce drift by up to 80%. The result is better penetration and thereby reduced consumption of plant protection products and water by up to 30%. The combination of more spraying days, higher driving speeds, and fewer re-fillings means that the TWIN FORCE boom can increase spraying capacity by up to 100%.

… now with a PulseSystem

By equipping the TWIN FORCE boom with the pulse-width modulation (PWM) system, further drift reduction can be achieved. The PWM system uses pulsation rather than pressure to maintain the correct application volume. Solenoids turn the flow to the nozzles on and off up to 20 times a second to control their flow, keeping the nozzle open 30% to 100% of the time. This means, for instance, that you can spray at 12 km/h from 35 l/ha to 280 l/ha with the same nozzle.

Hardi PulseSystem Sprayers -Spray Spraying Trailed - Mounted

The HARDI PulseSystem with curve control ensures that the overall dosage remains the same along with the entire boom when turning

The correct droplet size is maintained, irrespective of even radical changes in driving speed of ±40%. Nozzle changes to achieve certain droplet sizes are no longer necessary. This saves time as you can spray a field with different doses pre-defined in the digital field map. In other words, the PulseSystem makes it possible to vary application rates at constant pressure and speed.

The HARDI PulseSystem could be running with a single nozzle on/off, giving you a section as short as 50 cm. This minimises overlap and double-spraying – and saves chemicals and costs. The combination of individual dose rate per nozzle and single nozzle on/off gives you the most precise application system in the market today. It’s good for the farmer and the environment!

As the PulseSystem controls the application rate for each individual nozzle, it all but eliminates problems with over-dosing on the inside and under-dosing on the outside when turning. The overall dosage remains the same along with the entire boom.

Hardi PulseSystem Sprayers -Spray Spraying Trailed - MountedThe HARDI PulseSystem with a single nozzle on/off


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