The MEGA features a sleek modern design, SmartCom platform, DynamicFluid4 liquid system and AirRide lift suspension.
Higher precision
To give you higher precision and help reduce chemical usage, we have equipped all MEGA sprayers with the SmartCom platform. This enables options like DilutionKit, AutoSectionControl and AutoSlant. Together with the fast reacting DynamicFluid4 liquid system, you’ll be able to spray with higher precision – and be prepared for adding new features in the future.

Get connected
To further minimize chemical consumption and save you money, the SmartCom electronic platform opens new possibilities into digital farming. For example, you will be able to adjust the dosage for one spray job or use digital field maps to assign non-spray areas.
Reduce downtime
To reduce downtime to a minimum, we have added diagnostics to the new SmartCom platform. This will help your service staff quickly find and fix any problem – to have you back spraying in no time.

Spray faster with AirRide
To provide you with a more stable boom and more comfort during the spray task, we have developed the new AirRide suspension. With the ability to spray faster and carry more liquid, the HARDI MEGA is suited for every farmer looking for the best lift mounted sprayer on the market.

With boom performance in mind
All HARDI booms are designed with performance in mind and gives you a whole new definition of uniform spray distribution. HARDI MEGA is available with two boom options: PRO and VPZ booms.


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