IAM Agricultural Machinery is delighted to announce in conjunction with DLL Financing our new special finance deals for 2022.

Special Finance Deals are available on the following machines:

  • Strautmann Silage Pick-up Wagons & Verti-Mix Diet Feeders
  • Hardi Sprayer Range
  • Bomford Hedgecutters
  • Rabe Tillage Equipment
  • Gregoire Besson Tillage Equipment


  • 1.0% FPA 1+2 First Payment on sign up Financed over 3 years Cost per annual payment €/£343.33 per 1,000 borrowed. No deposit required.
  • 2.5% FPA 0+5 Annuals first payment 7 Months after sign up* Financed over 5 years. Cost per annual payment €/£225 per 1,000 borrowed.


  • 2.0% FPA 1+9 Half-Yearly First Payment on sign up* No deposit required. VAT paid upfront if VAT registered. Financed over 5 years. Cost per half-yearly payment €/£110 per 1,000 borrowed.


  • 2.0% FPA 1 + 47 Monthly First Payment on Sign up.*  Financed Over 4 Years. Cost per monthly payments €/£22.5 per 1,000 borrowed. 10% deposit required.


  • Finance for business purposes only.
  • FPA Flat Rate Applicants must be 18 or older
  • Subject to terms & conditions and credit approval; standard fees apply.
  • Limited period offer
  • Finance on the above schemes available for 100% of the IAM’s RPP excluding VAT or the actual balance to be financed, whichever is lower.
  • *Deposit/Trade in required equalling 20% of the purchase price (15% required only for monthly payments)

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