Magnon CFS Silage Forage Wagon

Strautmann Magnon 530 D / Forage Wagon – zero grazer - Silage Harvester

Presented at last years the Agritechnica Strautmann Magnon CFS Silage Forage Wagon is now available in Ireland. The Magnon CFS is a completely new wagon concept and offers a host of newly developed features such as the: Exact-Cut Knife system, the Flex-Load plastic tine with Hydraulically Powered Pickup, and Hydraulically swivelling front panel. These features will further boost the class-leading performance Strautmann Silage Forage Wagons already provided. The Magnon CFS will be available in the three versions 430, 470, and 530 with a loading capacity of 42, 46 and 52 m³. respectively.

Flex-Load – (Plastic Tine Pick Up)

The new range has been designed with an industry-changing pick-up concept. Replacing steel tines, the new “Flex-Load” system which works with plastic tines. The new plastic tines offer a higher degree of flexibility compared to steel and can perfectly adapt to uneven terrain. Strippers made of steel are mounted between the tines ensuring optimum crop flow. The Flex-Load pick up offers smoother running and minimises tine wear as there is no longer contact between tines and the strippers. The tines can easily be changed by loosening a single bolt and without the need to remove the bands.

Strautmann Magnon Silage Forage Wagon – Plastic Tine Pickup hydraulic driven

Hydraulically Powered Pick up

The pick-up is now powered hydraulically allowing the speed to be adjusted in accordance with harvesting conditions. Or set to auto mode, where the pick-up speed is matched to the speed of the tractor. The proven CFS roller ensures optimum material flow to the rotor that works behind the pick-up.  


Strautmann Magnon 530 D / Forage Wagon Exact-Cut

Another fundamentally new feature is the Strautmann “Exact-Cut” cutting unit equipped with 48 knives, ensuring optimum cutting quality under all conditions. The theoretical cutting length is 35 mm. The knives as standard on all Strautmann wagons have cutting edges on both sides increasing the longevity of the knives. The particularly low-maintenance knife protection system has a spot-on triggering function. This function completely retracts the knife from the rotor when a foreign object is present, thus minimizing any damage to the knife blades. The “Exact-Cut” cutting unit also has an automatic reset so the knives automatically return to their working position after they are triggered.

Hydraulically swivelling front panel

Strautmann Magnon 530 D / Forage Wagon Hydraulically swiveling front panel

A first for a Strautmann silage forage wagon, the Magnon CFS has a hydraulically swivelling front panel. The front panel is swivelled into the cargo space to achieve maximum compression of the silage. When the rear cargo space is filled, the front panel automatically swivels forward, providing another 5 m³ of loading capacity. When emptying, the front panel automatically swivels to the rear to enable fast and complete emptying of the cargo space.

For optimum driving comfort, all models are equipped with a hydraulic chassis. The Magnon CFS Silage Forage Wago 430 and 470 models are fitted with a tandem chassis, the Magnon CFS 530 model has a tridem chassis with an axle. The largest possible tyre size is 800/45 R 30.5, which enables the installation of considerably larger tyres than before.



Strautmann Magnon Forage Silage Wagon – zero grazer - Silage HarvesterSmart 570

The control system of the Magnon CFS  Silage Forage Wagon has been fundamentally redeveloped. The control software is divided into three operating modes “Charging – Road travel – Discharging”. Depending on the operating mode, the driver can select those functions that are frequently required directly at their disposal, making the operation easy.

Many additional automatic functions are integrated to make working even more comfortable. These functions can be individually switched on or off by the driver. The control terminal is also new: It is ISOBUS compatible and has a 5.7″ touch display, the membrane keys are integrated on the right next to the display. This means all functions can be operated intuitively and without having to change your grip.

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