IAM Agricultural Machinery are delighted to be attending this year’s National Ploughing Championships, and we are launching two brand new products.

We will be introducing the FarmDroid FD20 is the world’s first fully automatic robot. Also new to the IAM line-up is HARDI latest trailered sprayer model the AEON CENTURA line.

Along with these new products, we will have the strong line products that you know. Such as the Verti-mix 2401 and 1401 from the Strautmann’s feeder range. Also representing the Strautmann range will be the TS 140 manure spreader and the Super-Vitesse CFS 3102 forage wagon.

Bomford Turner will also be out in force with their latest hedgecutters the Hawk 7.0 and  Osprey 5.0M LPH on display.

IAM will be located on Stand 246, Row 15.

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FarmDroid – Solar-powered Seed-n-Weed robot

IAM Agricultural Machinery are delighted to announce that we have been appointed the sole distributor for FarmDroid in Ireland and Northern Ireland. FarmDroid FD20 is the world’s first fully automatic robot that can take care of both sowing and weed control. The FarmDroid robot enables farmers to reduce the cost of sowing and weed control while doing it CO2 neutral, and pesticide-free. Furthermore, the robot reduces or even eliminates the need for exhausting, manual work.

FarmDroid FD20 Farm robots, Autonomous, Agricultural Robotics

With GPS technology FarmDroid sows the crops in the field and marks precisely where every single crop is placed. Subsequently it performs mechanical weed control both between the rows and intra-row between each individual crop, securing effective, precise, and non-chemical weeding of the field.

The unique sowing precision enables the robot to clean the crops closely, eliminating the need for manual or chemical weed control.

The four solar panels placed on top of the robot produce power for a battery package that ensures up to 24 hours daily and CO2-neutral operation of the robot. In this way, you do not need to charge the batteries externally. You can let your FarmDroid work in the field throughout the entire season with a clear conscience and without worrying about the weather

FarmDroid is a Danish company founded in 2018 by two Danish brothers, Jens Warming and Kristian Warming. Since 2020 they have sold more than 300 machines globally.

“IAM Agricultural Machinery is looking to be a good partner for FarmDroid to introduce our automatic seeding and weeding field robots to Ireland. With over 60 years of experience in agriculture while continuing being innovative, it is a perfect match for FarmDroid.”

Eddie Bolding Pedersen, Head of Sales & Marketing, FarmDroid.

FarmDroid is the first truly commercial autonomous robot operating on farms around the world and we are delighted to partner with them

Pat Kenny, Sales & Business Development Director, IAM Agricultural Machinery.

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AEON CENTURA line – the future of crop protection

HARDI have released their latest trailered sprayer model, introducing you to the AEON CENTURA line.

The AEON CENTURA line is premium trailed sprayer, which is faster, more efficient, and cost-effective.

The AEON CENTURA line is designed around the customer, it has functional ease with automatic operation, precise fluid system, perfect tracking, and boom performance.

The AEON chassis has a highspeed driving performance and smooth handling due to hydraulic axle suspension and leaf-spring drawbar suspension. The Comfort-Track wheel steer system allows a turning radius of only 6.3m. The unique mudguards pivot with the wheel to keep booms clean.

Hardi AEON Sprayers -Spray Spraying Trailed - Mounted

The WorkZone on the left side, is the operator position when filling the sprayer. The operator is protected in a clean working environment and operates the sprayer via the Fluid Box 8000.

LED lights illuminated the work area which simplifies the operation. Filling, spraying, cleaning, and agitation processes are fully automatic. The TechZone is placed under the shield on the right-hand side. The second pump and all electronic valves are easy to control and service.

The SmartCom electronic platform on the AEON has new features such as the Comfort-Track steering system and the new fully remote-controlled fluid system. An intelligent Fluid Box 8000 terminal in the WorkZone does the operation of the fluid system.

The AEON CENTURA line diagnostics via Bosch Telematics and HARDI Ser-vice Tool (HST) standard features.

The AEON CENTURA line 5200 l with 36 m DELTA FORCE boom is fully equipped with Auto Nozzle Control, Auto-Terrain boom management and HC 9700 12” ISOBUS terminal.

Hardi Aeon Sprayers -Spray Spraying Trailed - Mounted

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