Following the success of the National Ploughing Championship 2016, IAM returned this year to Tullamore, Co. Offaly, with a display double the size. A selection of machines from our range of leading brands were on show including:

Bomford: Kestrel E, Hawk 6.0, Hawk 6.5ICS, Turbo Elite 225 Z Linkage and Flailboat.
Gregoire Besson: RWY6 Plough.
Rabe: 3M PKE Power Harrow.
Hardi: Navigator, Master 15m NK800, NK400.
Strautmann:  Feeders – VM2401 with C-Conveyor, VM1251 & VM500GV  & Wagons –  Giga Vitesse 3601 & Zelon 2901.

Our team Pat, Martin, Mick & John were on hand at the 3 day event to talk to existing and new customers, to lend their expertise and provide demonstrations.

Spirits were high as exhibitors and visitors alike enjoyed Europe’s leading outdoor agricultural trade exhibitions. A record breaking 291,500 attended the 86th Championships; this marks the most successful National Ploughing Championship to date.