With the new Primus generation of the self-propelled diet tub feeders Strautmann is setting new benchmarks and rounding off the product portfolio

Strautmann has launched their new range Primus series of self-propelled diet tub feeders at this year’s Eurotier 2022 in Hanover Germany. The Primus series an entirely new concept of self-propelled diet tub feeders. With the complete redesign of the machine from the chassis to the specially developed SFC (Strautmann Feed Control) system, Strautmann is launching into a new dimension of self-propelled fodder mixing wagons. The new Primus 900 with 3 models and capacities from 22 to 30 m³ will contribute to an efficient solution for farmers.

Strautmann Strautmann Primus 900 / Tub Feeder - TMR - Diet - Tube -Vertical - Silage - Fodder

With the new Primus 900 series, Strautmann is setting new benchmarks for high end self-propelled mixing wagons. The focus of development is on increasing performance and efficiency. The new naming also marks the start of the introduction of the SFC control system (Strautmann Feed Control).

The Primus 900 is equipped with air suspension, an automotive travelling mode and engine speed regulation as standard. 4-wheel drive is available as optional extra. The new Primus segment comprises of an intelligent steering control with 4-wheel steering, crab steering and air suppression as standard. The drive unit consists of a 6-cylinder 205 KW/274.91Hp diesel engine positioned at the right-hand front ensuring optimum distribution of weight on the front axle allowing the feeder to remain compact and offering great visibility from the cabin.

The redesigned high-performance pick-up milling cutter with a picking-up width of 2.20 m is unique on the market and guarantees maximum, fast, and efficient loading of fodder up to a height of 6.5m.

The proven, conical funnel behind the milling cutter remains in place for a perfect and structure-protecting material flow to the centrally positioned elevator.

The proven, newly developed Strautmann IMS mixing auger (Intensive Mix System) enables fast, homogeneous, and easy mixing, is used in this mixing container.

The heart of the Primus generation is the innovative operating and communication concept SFC (Strautmann Feed Control). The system controls the complete machine from travelling, milling, mixing, unloading operation controlled and mapped via the SFC control and new visually 12″ terminal as part of the new operator control console.

Strautmann Strautmann Primus 900 / Tub Feeder - TMR - Diet - Tube -Vertical - Silage - Fodder

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