For the 2024 harvest season, Strautmann is revising the segment of ZelonCFS rotor forage wagons. With an improved rotor drive, Exact-Cut cutter bar, and shorter cutting length, the new ZelonCFS particularly appeals to dairy farms having their own equipment or machinery cooperatives.

Strautmann ZelonCFS Forage Wagon

In the forage wagon segment for farm-owned equipment, Strautmann has fundamentally revised the ZelonCFS. Strautmann has optimised the ZelonCFS series to extend the advantages of the middle class to the small forage wagon series. Therefore, the three types, ZelonCFS 250, 290 and 360 with 24 to 35 m³ loading volume, the machine is primarily aimed at small agricultural dairy farms and machinery cooperatives that value high forage quality, compact dimensions and low power requirements.

The new ZelonCFS generation is equipped with a non-steered pick-up of 1.80 m width, steel spring tines and plastic scrapers. The machine is now 10 cm wider than its predecessor. The unique Flex-Load pick-up with plastic tines is available as an option. The machine offers the well-known advantages of better ground tracking, long tine life and extremely easy tine changing. The pick-up is driven mechanically by a chain. The height is adjusted using a hole pattern on the jockey wheels.

Zelon 2: 1.80 m wide pick-up with a new roller crop press

Exact-Cut Cutter bar system by Stautmann

With the revision of the ZelonCFS, the cutter bar was also revised. The Exact-Cut cutter bar with 37 knives, familiar from the big machine series, is now also available in the ZelonCFS. The machine achieves therefore a theoretical cutting length of 39 mm, which makes it easier to compact the forage in the silo and thus improves the forage quality. The Exact-Cut cutter bar has knife protection with point release, automatic knife reset and knives with cutting edges on both sides. This results in minimal maintenance and high reliability. The ZelonCFS is available with two body variants. It is equipped with a silage body as standard. Ropes secure the load on the road. Thereafter, forage wagon can be optionally equipped with a folding lattice body that can be folded down hydraulically to drive through narrow buildings

Zelon 3: Exact-Cut cutter bar with a theoretical cutting length of 39 mm and point release

Zelon 4: Optional additional sensing roller behind the pick-up for optimal ground tracking

Strautmann Moves to Steel Flooring

The platform floor is now made of steel. The wooden floor is omitted in this series. The scraper floor consists of four round steel chains measuring 10 x 31 mm embedded in the platform floor. Significantly, the chains each have a breaking load of 13 t. The entire platform is powder-coated for complete protection against corrosion.

All ZelonCFS types are equipped with a 13 t bogie chassis as standard. Therefore, the chassis is characterized by a large pendulum radius of the axles and good driving comfort. Tyres up to size 650/40 R 22.5 can be fitted. Passive steering is available as an option.

Whereas, 16 t bogie chassis with passive steering is optionally available for the two large types ZelonCFS 290 and 360 to ensure safe road travel with a high payload. These chassis can be fitted with 710/40 R 22.5 wheels.

Zelon 5: New powder-coated all-steel floor with embedded round steel chains

ZelonCFS Control System

The wagon is operated as standard using the familiar E-Control toggle switches. The Strautmann ISOBUS controls with their intuitive menu navigation and numerous automatic functions are available as an option. Additionally, the articulated drawbar and the cutter bar can be conveniently operated from the outside for maintenance. Likewise, a 5.7-inch operating terminal can be supplied as an option if no ISOBUS-capable tractor is available.

For the upcoming 2023 season, the ZelonCFS will be available in a pre-series with limited quantities. However, the initial unveiling of the ZelonCFS In Ireland will be at this year’s ploughing championships in Rathneska Co. Laois.