A  video guide on how to set up the pick-up operating height.

  1.  Loosen the safety Splint and the washer from the bolt to which the carrier arm of the guide wheel is fixed.
  2.  Lift the carrier arm out of its locking mechanism.
  3.  Now set the operating height of the guide wheels via spindle thread.
  4.  The further the thread is screwed in, the deeper is the operating position of the pick-up.
  5.  Put the carrier arm again onto the bolt and secure it by means of the washer and splint.
  6.  Repeat the procedure on the other side of the pick-up, using the setting dimension of the spindle.
  7.  Lower the pick-up.
  8.  Check the distance between the pick-up tines and ground. It should be approx. 10-20mm

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