IAM Agricultural Machinery offers the Strautmann range of tub diet feeders which are available in single, twin and triple augers tubs ranging in capacities from 5 to 45 cubic metres.

All Strautmann tub diet feeders mixer wagons – single, double and triple auger – will now come fitted with a Vario2 auger as standard. Its stepped design enables a perfect mix to be achieved more quickly. The new auger design also reduces mixing time helping cut labour and fuel required.

You want your business to grow – the Verti-Mix tub diet feeder adapts to your growing needs.

Why use a Verti-Mix tub diet feeder……..  

  • Excellent mixing quality – because only cows getting optimum nutrition are healthier and deliver higher milk yields.  
  • Low power requirement – reducing your diesel consumption.
  • Flexibility – the Verti-Mix can adapt to your farm requirements.
  • Reliability – cows need feeding 365 days a year!
  • Vario2 auger – speeds mixing time and so reduces labour and tractor time.