Sean Corkery, along with his father Michael, and his wife Caroline, run a modern dairy unit, not far from the busy market town of Macroom, and close to the village of Coachford, in Co. Cork. This third-generation family farm comprises of 185 cows on 350 acres, all in grass.

As normal on a dairy farm, morning comes early, with an 06.30 start. I met Sean at 09.00 when he had finished milking to talk about his new feeder.

“Old way just took too long to mix”

We had to change “said Sean, “as the old machine simply took too long to fill and mix. Even then, some of the material was over chopped whilst some was still too coarse. We were always pushed for time, which often meant an even earlier start to the day. Our local Dealer, brought me to see a Strautmann working and the rest is history”.


Easy to drive.

“This VM2401 Double auger Vertical machine is great. It’s easy to drive, mixes it right-just as I want it and now the whole feeding cycle from start to finish is shorter than it previously took to get a mix ready. The whole job is done now in 45 mins.”

“We hire a contractor for the first cut and look after the subsequent cuts ourselves. Mechanisation and the right machine is vital in our business to- day, that’s why we went for the Strautmann”.


“Mechanisation and the right machine is vital in our business to-day”.

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