NAVIGATOR 4000 i Utilising Spot spraying 

Hardi Demonstrates to the Danish Environmental Protection Agency’s the effectiveness of spot spraying.

Spot spraying is the applying of chemical to a specific target weed within the crop rather than the traditional approach of blanket spraying the entire crop.

This approach to spraying has fantastic prospects to help reduce spray usage while improving the targeted application of the herbicide.  There are a number of ways in which the unwanted weeds can be identified such as drone, satellite or cameras mounted on the sprayer booms. Irrespective of which way the weeds are identified the exact treatment is assisted by GPS signal and single nozzle shut off on the sprayer.

This method improves crop quality, farming efficiency and farming economics as well as helping reduce consumption of plant protection products.

The group wanted to learn about spot spraying in a high-value crop such as grass seeds. Before the trials, the field of Tall fescue was overflown by a drone carrying a camera in order to identify areas containing unwanted grass species.

The Hardi Navigator 4000 I with single nozzle shut off was used in the trails. The trials reduced the sprayed area by 65% spraying only 35% of the total field area.

The participants consider the parcel of 1×1 m after the sprayer has passed, selectively
spraying it with red colourant without treating the surrounding area the trials.



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