Strautmann Factory Visit 2018

“The attention to detailed engineering and quality was incredible”

“The scale of Strautmann’s production and organisational flow of the factory was very impressive”

”We love our Strautmann silage wagon and now I can see where the passion for building a great product comes from”

These are just some of the great quotes that came from a handful of IAM agricultural machinery’s customers from across Ireland, when asking them about their recent visit to Strautmann’s state of the art factory based in Bad Laer, Germany.

We got to witness the vast range of equipment Strautmann have to offer. The tour was held by Ralf Lange, the Export Manager for Strautmann. IAM is the sole importer for Strautmann products here in Ireland.

Ralf presented a brilliantly detailed overview of Strautmann and its amazing products as well as a factory tour. It was here that we could see the vast range of Diet feeders, Silage wagons, and Muck Spreaders being made.

We also had the opportunity to visit German farmer Witte, who has approximately 1000 dairy cows and is currently using Strautmann VM2000 self-propelled tub feeder for his cattle.  During the farm visit, we learnt about both the time and machinery savings that we could avail of by moving to self-propelled feeders.

There was also visit to a local contractor Scheiper; also based in Bad Laer. The Contractor is running 5 self-propelled forage harvesters, 4 combines and 6 silage wagons as well as a host of more equipment. It was a fantastic opportunity for all to see these machines in action.

In all, the trip was very memorable and it was great to take some of our customers to the heart of Strautmann.


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