IAM Agricultural Machinery in association with Strautmann held two Strautmann feeder demo days; one Wednesday 27th of November and  Tuesday the 3rd of December. These demo days could not of being done without the assistance of Lynch and McCarthy and Henry Porter!

Customers were able to learn all about the new Vario2 mixing auger and how the Verti-Mix can become more versatile by fitting the Strawblower to the feeder. Also, on display was the new V-Conveyor.
Strautmann is setting the standards in fodder mixing technology. The newly developed Vario² mixing augers help to achieve more efficient and faster mixing of fodder. The new mixing augers are now used in all Strautmann fodder mixing wagons and stationary mixers. The Vario² mixing auger still enables the proven variable knife adjustment, but especially excels by the unique shape of its stepped flight design. In contrast to formerly widespread practice, the fodder is regularly loosened by the steps, which leads to an even faster and easier mixing. The steps are arranged on the mixing auger at regular spacing intervals at a 90° angle.

Verti-Mix 1251 with Straw blower.
The Verti-Mix ranges fitted with straw blower allows customers to use the Diet Feeder to bed cattle along with mixing a TMR ration eliminating the need for a 2nd machine and tractor. The mechanical straw blower is optional on all Verti-Mix models. The chute is mounted on a ring gear and the spout can be swivelled to the right and left by means of a hydraulic motor. The blower has a spreading range of up to 20 metres on the right-hand side. Swivelled to the left-hand side, the spreading range is reduced to up to 15 metres. Customer feedback on the straw blower has been very positive.

Verti-Mix 2401 with New V-Conveyor
Strautmann has introduced a new design of discharge conveyor. The V- Conveyor allows customers to feed material into high troughs while keeping the conveyor within the width of the machine. The new V-conveyor has been simplified to reduce the number of moving parts to help extend belt longevity, therefore reducing ownership costs. The V Conveyor has one continuous PVC unloading belt which, in addition to being able to discharge to both to left and right, can be set by the operator to increase discharge height by up to 55cm, as well as providing a side shift of approximately 25cm and is powered by Twin Hydraulic Motors.

Special finance schemes are in operation for all new machines including deferred payment options.
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