Strautmann Magnon 8 CFS

IAM Agricultural Machinery is proud to introduce the latest Strautmann silage forage wagon, the Magnon 8 CFS series. Boasting more compact dimensions and intuitive features such as Flex-Load pick-up, Exact Cut™ Cutting Unit and a hydraulically swivelling front panel. This model offers premium performance at an entry level price point just in time for 2023’s harvesting season.

Just as farmers prepare for another season. This powerful yet compact silage forage wagon offers a loading capacity between 36m³ to 44m³ (DIN), taking up less space than while offering more capacity than similar size wagons. The three models 370, 410 and 450 come equipped with advanced features such as Continuous Flow System (CFS), Flex-Load Pick Up and Exact Cut™ allowing owners greater autonomy over its operation. With an eye towards agricultural businesses that require reliable performance from their machinery in high demands surroundings, the Magnon 8 series is sure to be a welcome addition on many farms this coming year!

The Magnon 8 silage forage wagon is designed to maximize efficiency and capacity. Its hydraulic powered front wall adjusts in three stages, as chopped grass builds up against the tailgate sensor pushing cargo space further back for a total of 4.5 m³ extra loading potential regardless of original size or shape this ensures maximum density throughout transportation operations no matter how full the wagon becomes. Additionally, during unloading this same feature facilitates efficient release with its on command function from inside the cabin.

Straumann’s silage forage wagon are equipped with the industry-leading Continuous Flow System (CFS) pick up unit. This technology ensures remarkable loading performance and low power consumption, allowing you to work efficiently in any terrain or ground level. With an extra wide 2.25m pickup, the Magnon 8 model generously collects a swath of grass around corners without compromising on rotor capacity and providing uniform harvesting across its entire width! The high torque drive line creates maximum efficiency.

The Magnon 8 range features an optimized Flex-Load pick-up powered by a newly designed crop press roller. This double roller, with its slip-proof profile and larger diameter, ensures maximum flow into the picker. While also providing a smooth operation regardless of terrain surface. For added convenience, there is an optional guide roller behind the pickup for especially challenging locations.

Exact-Cut cutting unit offers superior chopping quality and accuracy with its 44 knives, boasting a theoretical cut length of up to 35mm. To further ensure safety while in operation, the double-sided knives contain rapid-trigger protection that automatically retracts them from their conveying position if an foreign object is detected and then quickly returns itself back into working mode.
Magnons 8 silage forage wagon space offer state-of-the art features and robust construction. The 2.25m wide steel platform floor is fitted with four 13t breaking strain and round chains to ensure maximum efficiency during operation. The entire unit is powder coated for full protection from corrosion. Boogie tandem chassis are standard on two smaller models (370 & 410) while a hydraulic. Tandem chassis comes as standard on the larger 450 model. However it can be optionally installed in other sizes, making sloping ground operations easier through larger wheels up to 800/45R30.5.

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