Strautmann adds Verti-Mix 70


Strautmann adds a big brother to the Verti-Mix 400 & 500 Range of Tub Diet Feeder with the introduction of the Verti-Mix 70.

Strautmann Verti-Mix 70 / Tub Feeder - TMR - Diet - Tube -Vertical - Silage - Fodder

The Verti-Mix 70 was introduced for the first time at the Agritechnica show in Hannover, Germany last year. The Verti-Mix 400 and 500 series of tub diet feeder is now supported by a bigger brother.

With a standard capacity of 6 m³ and the possibility, for-increase capacity by means of a 250 mm extension gives the diet feeder a maximum capacity of 7 m³. The compact machine design enables precision operating under low sheds and narrow passages.

Just like on the Verti-Mix 400 and 500, the axle is mounted behind the container. Allowing the machine height to be kept to a low 2.12 m or 2.37 m with extension. And is considerably lower than that of the larger Verti-Mix 951. The tub also has a very slim design with a machine width when fitted with two-side doors of only 2.16 m.

The container consists of high grade rolled S355 steel.  With right-hand front and/or left-hand rear discharge doors available. The preparation for a weighing system is included in the standard equipment.

A 15 mm thick, vertical mixing auger with the stepped Vario2 flight design is also standard. The Vario2 auger design ensures the minimum distance between the bottom plate and the front end of the auger-flight and the unique design provides gentle but fast mixing of the Total Mix Ration (TMR).

IAM Agricultural Machinery offers the entire Strautmann range of vertical diet tub feeders through its extensive dealer network across Ireland.

Strautmann’s Range of Diet Tub Feeders are available in single twin and triple augers ranging in capacities from 5 to 45 cubic metres.

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