Setting the  distance between the knife and rotor on the Strautmann Silage Forage Wagons

1. Measure the distance between the knife tip and the rotor in the middle of the cutting unit.

  1. Check the operator manual for the correct setting as of the 12 June 2020
  2. Zelon CFS: 33mm (– 5mm)
  3. Super-Vitesse CFS: 11mm (-5 mm)
  4. Giga-Vitesse CFS: 26mm (-5mm)
  5. Tera-Vitesse CFS: 26mm (-5mm)
  6. Magnon CFS: 26mm (-5mm)

Please always refer to the operator manual for Up-To-Date information

The notch at the top of the knife serve as a setting aid. The distance is properly set if the notch is at the same level as the rotor tine ring.

2. Unscrew the counter nut of the adjusting spindle.

3. Remove the circlip of the fastening bolt.

4. Drive the bolt out of its seat.

5. Turn the adjusting spindle

6.Reinsert the bolt and drive it into its seat.

7.Mount the circlip

8. Retighten the counter nut.

Repeat the steps 2-8 on the other side of the cutting unit .

Check the distance between the knife tip and the rotor again. Readjust the if necessary.

Attention: a too tight setting of the knives towards the rotor may cause damage to the rotor.

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