Want to see the Strautmann Vario2 Auger in action !

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Strautmann is setting new standards in fodder mixing technology. The newly developed Vario² mixing augers help to achieve more efficient and faster mixing of fodder. The new mixing augers are now used in all Strautmann fodder mixing wagons and stationary mixers.

The Vario² mixing auger still enables the proven variable knife adjustment, but especially excels by the unique shape of its stepped flight design. In contrast to formerly widespread practice, the fodder is regularly loosened by the steps, which leads to an even faster and easier mixing. The steps are arranged on the mixing auger at regular spacing intervals at a 90° angle.

Numerous tests which compared the wound mixing augers and the new ones in stepped flight design revealed that the power required by the mixing augers in stepped flight design is considerably less than that of the wound mixing augers. This is due to the loosening of the fodder at the steps.

Another advantage of the changeover to mixing augers in stepped flight design is the fact that wearing elements can now very easily be mounted onto the mixing auger to extend the service life. The “INNODUR” wearing parts are made of 5 mm thick stainless steel, are 100 mm in width and are screwed to the outer contour of the mixing auger turn. Retrofitting is also easy, because all mixing augers are equipped with the required boreholes in the factory.

The standard mixing augers in stepped flight design are 15 mm strong, the heavy-duty version even 20 mm. The “INNODUR” wearing parts can be mounted on both auger versions.




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