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The sprayer is often the most used equipment on the farm, thus is a significant investment. The choice of a sprayer that suits your needs is crucial to increasing operation yields.
HARDI offers a wide range of sprayers, amongst which the self-propelled Sprayers stand out for their range of intelligent features, capacity, and performance.

Hardi Self propelled Sprayers -Spray Spraying Trailed - Mounted

Positive return on investment

Not only does the self-propelled sprayer reduce time, but its maneuverability also makes it more accessible, and provides additional financial benefits. As an example, The HARDI ALPHA evo III  consumes only 0.8 liters of diesel per hectare, providing an additional financial benefit  (depending on tank and boom size).  Therefore,  a self-propelled sprayer will very quickly show a positive return on investment on any farm of 1000 hectares or more, reducing the time spent spraying.

Less crop damage and powerful traction control

As a scenario, when spraying an area of 1 hectare with a boom of 24 m, a tractor sprayer with a track of 1.8 m will damage at least 624 m2 . This equates to approximately 6 % of the field with a setback of 25% to 75% per tramline. In the case of potatoes, the tramline is typically 2,25 m. Within a harvest at 50 tons/hectare, this is a significant loss of revenue, as the tramline is 9,4 % of the field. 

A self-propelled sprayer with higher clearance will not cause such damage to the crop. For example, The HARDI ALPHA weighs only 13 tons (excl. the tank liquid) and has a 50:50 weight distribution, ensuring a firm grip with both a full and empty tank. In addition, with its complete traction control system, or ASR, the ALPHA can drive through muddy fields, where a 6-axle tractor and trailer would have to wait for weather conditions to improve

Driver’s comfort

At the height of 335 cm, the driver’s cabin provides excellent visibility, ensuring control over the direction and spray boom, which is placed behind the cabin. The comfortable, low-noise cabin is protected with an active carbon filter Cat 4. Comfort is further increased by the driver’s seat being equipped with air suspension. Combined with the drive suspension, this creates an extremely comfortable driver experience, even on the longest day. 

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