Introducing the Kestrel Evo Power Plus. This new model release of the Kestrel now takes this popular reach arm mower to a new level with increased power and additional features.

These features include integral road lighting, tubular 3 point linkage and power slew with hydraulic breakout.

Key Features:

  • 5.0m & 5.7m reaches
  • 60hp gear pumps
  • Parallel arm standard
  • Choice of flails, heads and cutter bars
  • Power slew
  • Steel hose covers standard

Product Specifications

Standard = Standard   Optional = Optional   Not Available = Not Available

Specification 5.0m P (16’5″) 5.7m P (18’8″)

Tractor Requirements

Minimum horse power 50hp 60hp
Minimum weight  3000kg / 6614Lbs  3500kg / 7716Lbs

Base Unit mounting options 

Front mount Optional Optional
Mid-mount Not available Not available
Rear mount Standard Standard
Three point linkage (CAT II) Standard Standard
Axle bracket Not available Not available
Sub Frame Not available Not available
Yoke Not available Not available

Overall machine parameters 

Machine weight with head and oil  1180kg / 2601Lbs  1210kg / 2268Lbs
Capacity of oil tank  160L / 42.3USG  160L / 42.3USG
Weight of machine with oil but without head  940kg / 2072Lbs 970kg / 2139Lbs


Cable Control (CC) Optional Optional
Low Pressure Hydraulic (LPH) Optional Optional
Electronic Proportional Control (EPP) Optional Optional
Intelligent Control System (ICS) Standard Standard
Cable rotor reverse Optional Optional
Electronic rotor reverse Optional Optional

Hydraulic System 

System capability 60hp 60hp
Pump flow rate 100L / 26.4Usg 100L / 26.4Usg
Pump type (Gear / Piston / Helical)  Gear  Gear
Pump arrangment (Twin / Tandem Inline)  Twin Twin
Independant hydraulics Standard Standard
Oil cooler Optional Optional

Arm features and main frame

Forward arm Optional Not Available
Telescopic arm Not Available Not Available
Telescopic arm stroke Not Available Not Available
Power slew Standard Standard
Power slew angle  94° 94°
Gravity breakout protection Not available Not available
Hydraulic breakout protection Standard Standard
Arm float – manual operation Optional Optional
Arm float – electronic operation Optional Optional
Head float – manual operation Standard Standard
Head float – electronic operation Optional Optional
Left hand cutting Optional Optional
Right hand cutting Optional Optional
Left and right hand cutting Not Available Not Available

Arm attachments available 

Variable track bracket (VTB) Not Available Not Available
Sheartrim cutter bar Optional Optional
Pro-Saw Optional Optional
Ditch cleaner Not Available Not Available
Rotary head Optional Optional


Road lights Standard Standard
Debris blower Optional Optional
Cab Guard kit Standard Standard

 Cutting heads 

1.2m Pro Trim head with 115mm roller Standard Standard
1.2m Pro Trim head with 150mm roller Standard Standard
1.2m Pro-Trim ISMP with 115mm Roller Optional Optional
1.2m Pro-Trim ISMP with 150mm Roller Optional Optional


See the table below to see which flail heads are available for the different cutting heads listed above.

  BB MP44 HS60 Pro Flail T40 T60 True Cut Bushmaster
1.2m Pro-Trim head with 102mm roller Optional Optional Standard Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
1.2m Pro-Trim head with 150mm roller Optional Standard Optional Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
1.2m Pro Trim ISMP with 115mm roller Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Not Available
1.2m Pro Trim ISMP with 150mm roller Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Not Available

Need help chosing the right machine for you?


IAM Sales

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Martin Owens

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Niall Lavery

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JP Hearn

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Working Reach dimensions

Head used for calcs: 1.2m Pro-Trim

  5.0m P (16’5″) 5.7m P (18’8″)
A 4.87m 15’12” 5.7m 18’8″
B 4.94m 16’3″ 5.87m 19’3″
C 3.3m 10’10” 4.08m 13’5″
D 3.97m 13′ 4.77m 15’8″
E 5.62m 18’5″ 6.45m 21’2″
X 1.3m 4’1″  1.3m 4’1″
Y 1.0m 3’4″  1.0m 3’4″