A robust proportional alternative. With a larger control joystick, it is well suited to machines with multiple occasional users, or for someone upgrading to their first joystick control. Simple operation, and easy to use.

Due to the low pressure control the subsequent low force required to move the joystick means a reduction in operator fatigue and consequently higher potential output. Head angle, slew and telescopic functions are also controlled from the purpose built ergonomically designed joystick grip.

Control Compatibility

Standard = Standard   Optional = Optional   Not Available = Not Available

Machine Compatibility
Microklippa Not available
Wren Not available
Robin Not available
Raven Optional
Osprey Optional
Kestrel Evo ‘E’ Optional
Kestrel Evo Power Plus Optional
Kestrel Evo ‘S’ VFA Not available
Kestrel Evo ‘S’ Front Mounted Not available
Hawk Evo Optional
Hawk Evo Power Plus Standard
Hawk Evo VFA Not available
Falcon Evo Optional
Falcon Evo VFA Not available
Falcon Evo Telescopic VFA Not available
Front Mount Range Not available
Buzzard Evo Not available
Buzzard Evo Telescopic VFA Not available
B71M & B80M Not available
B81.81 Not available
Eagle Not available

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