The Bushmaster flail is very heavy duty and able to cut growth of up to 100mm (4″).

 Perfect for three year hedge growth or brush cutting.

Cutting Heads Bushmaster No. of Flails
1257mm LW with 102mm Roller N 36
1257mm LW with 150mm roller N 36
1107mm MW with twin back to back 115mm roller N 32
1.2m Pro-Trim with 115mm roller N 32
1.2m Pro-Trim with 150mm roller N 32
1.5m Pro-Trim with 115mm roller N 40
1.5m Pro-Trim with 150mm roller N 40
1.2m Pro-Trim ISMP with 115mm roller  S 24
1.2m Pro-Trim ISMP with 150mm roller S 24
1.2m Pro-Cut with 115mm roller  O 32
1.2m Pro-Cut with 150mm roller O 32
1.5m Pro-Cut with 115mm roller O 40
1.5m Pro-Cut with 150mm roller  O 40
1.2m Pro-Cut ISMP with 115mm roller O 32
1.2m Pro-Cut ISMP with 150mm roller O 40
2m HD Head N 54

 Standard = Standard   Optional = Optional   Not Available = Not Available

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