The Pro-Trim range offers double helix shaft technology.

Delivering up to 45% overlap of the flails, belt driven protection against unseen debris and close-in cutting and interchangeable shaft options allowing speedy flail change times on any of the 7 flail types. Pro-Trim is also available in ISMP.

Pro-Trim 1.2 and 1.5

The Pro-Trim 1.2 and 1.5 models offer double helix shaft technology, belt driven protection and interchangeable shaft operations for speedy flail changes.

Pro-Trim ISMP 1.2

The Pro-Trim ISMP 1.2 has all the features of the Pro-Trim 1.2 but with the addition of ISMP which allows the entire shaft assembly to be changed out saving down time..

Head weight for Pro-Trim 1.2 240-260kg / 529-573lbs

Compatible with

Kestrel E (74 Litres)
Kestrel S (88 Litres)  
Hawk (104 Litres)  
Head weight for Pro-Trim 1.5 260-300kg / 573-661lbs

Compatible with

Hawk (104 Litres)
Head weight for Pro-Trim ISMP 1.2 240-260kg / 529-573lbs

Compatible with

Hawk (104 Litres)


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