Axle brackets allow rigid mounting of the machine to the tractor with no sway or movement between tractor and machine. The axle brackets are attached to the underside of the tractor’s rear axle.

Axle Bracket

Axle brackets are incorporated, where necessary, with stabiliser and cab suspension mounting positions. The mounting forks of the machine then attach to the axle brackets and are locked on using removable chocks that clamp around the axle bracket mounting pin.

The machine is held in position at its working height by means of a mounting yoke that is fitted to the tractor’s drop arms and the centre lower part of the machine’s mainframe. The tractor’s drop arms are lowered to their lowest position and the machine is levelled by the screw adjustment of the tractor’s drop arms.

Sub Frame

On Kestrel S, Hawk and Falcon machines, the sub-frame and axle brackets may be specified as an alternative to the three point mounting system.  On all Buzzard and Eagle machines axle mount is standard.

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System Compatibility

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Axle Bracket

Sub Frame

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