FarmDroid FD20

FarmDroid FD20 is an innovative field robot that helps farmers and plant breeders reduce their costs of sowing and weeding in a CO2-neutral and ecological way. In FarmDroid we have created a unique invention for the agricultural industry; a fully automatic and light weight robot that automates sowing and weeding. With FarmDroid the soil is cultivated ecologically and CO2-neutrally without the risk of damaging the soil’s microstructure because of heavy equipment.



The area for growing ecological agriculture extends worldwide every year and at the same time the focus on reducing pesticides in conventional farming increases. For this reason, there is a rising need within the farming industry for automating weed control.

FarmDroid was developed with the purpose of automating weed control between the rows and in the rows close to the crop. In ecological agriculture, weeding is often done through tiring and costly manual labour. The labour costs per hectare are high, the work is exhausting, and a general lack of manual labour makes it difficult for farmers to grow economically sustainable crops.

How it works

With FarmDroid FD20 sowing and weeding of crops is performed fully automatic – both between the row and in the row. Since FarmDroid sows the crops itself, it knows the exact position of every seed, and it thus knows precisely where to clean – and more importantly where not to clean! The robot is autonomous, it operates completely on its own and does not need monitoring. In case of any deviations, FarmDroid stops by itself and notifies the farmer that it has stopped. This ensures the farmer that the fieldwork is done correctly.

Setting up the robot is super easy:

  1. Mark the corner points of the field and mark obstacles such as trees and power poles.
  2. Choose your desired number of headlands.
  3. Choose your preferred sowing distance, i.e., the distance between the crops in the row, and set the sowing depth.
  4. Press START.

Now your FarmDroid is ready to go – that simple!

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