Below is a  video guide on how to Change the Knives Exact Cut.

The video guide on how to change the Knives Exact Cut in your Forage/Silage Wagon is accompaniesd by a step by step guide under the video.

1. Move the folding drawbar up and swivel the knife bar out.
2. Fold the guard down.
3. Take the auxiliary tools out of the holder in the frame.
4. Use the auxiliary tool to open the central knife locking mechanism.
5. Insert the second auxiliary tool into the bottom part of the knife protection system and push it forward
This pushes the knife down from the locking shaft.
Carefully remove the knives.
You can now clean the knife bar.
6. Use compressed air to clean the front and rear knife mounts.
7. Reinsert the knives by means of the auxiliary tool.
8. Close the central knife locking mechanism.
9. Fold the guard up, retract he knife bar and stow away the auxiliary tools in their holder.

**Please read the detailed operating instruction carefully. Always observe the safety instruction**

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