1. Below is a  video guide for the setting of forced steering axel system.

    The video guide is accompaniesd by a step by step guide under the video.

  2. Hitch up the wagon.
  3. Connect the hydraulic pipes to the tractor.
  4. Connect the steering rod of the forced steering axel system to the tractor.
  5. Align tractor and machine in a straight line.
  6. Checking the steering lever setting. The front edge should be in alignment with front notch.
  7. Remove the lever from the ball again to adjust the settings.
  8. Unscrew the counter nut.
  9. Adjust the dimension correspondingly via the thread.
  10. Retighten the counter nut.
  11. Reconnect the steering rod to the tractor.
  12. Check whether the setting is correct.
  13. Check all axles for proper alignment.

**Please read the detailed operating instruction carefully. Always observe the safety instruction**

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