Below is a video guide on Maintaining The Knife Bank for your Strautmann Forage CFS Wagon.

There are 11 steps involved in Maintaining The Knife Bank

  1. Extend the folding drawbar to maximum height.
  2. Fold the knife bar out.
  3. Take the auxiliary tools of the holder at the frame.
  4. Remove all knives.
  5. Loosen the safety bolt of the spring.
  6. Use the auxiliary tools to take off the spring.
  7. Lubricate the roller with penetrating oil. Check the roller for smooth action. Use pliers to free it if necessary. Repeat the procedure at each knife.
  8. Remount the springs.
  9. Mount the Safety bolt.
  10. Reinsert the knives
  11. Stowaway the auxiliary tools in the holder provided for this purpose.

**Please read the detailed operating instruction carefully. Always observe the safety instruction**

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