Optional Equipment

Side mounted conveyor

Side mounted conveyor can  can be mounted in front of the discharge door to fill higher troughs.

Front crossover conveyor

Variable conveyor speeds achieved by means of different motors or direct adjustability enable the fodder discharge width to be adapted as far as right up to directly in front of the feed fence. A unique lattice bar roller as return roller for the crossover conveyor prevents the fodder from piling up between the roller and the conveyor.

Conveyor extension, side discharge

For higher troughs, a 1m long conveyor extension adjustable in height can be mounted at the side of the crossover conveyor.

Straw blower

Additional benefit for your Verti-Mix by use as spreading equipment. A high-yield cow requires 2 kg of litter every day – more than 6 t a month for 100 cows. Thanks to this optional extra equipment your Verti-Mix fodder mixing wagon can also be used for this type of work.

Fast bedding roller

The cleaner and more germ-free the cubicle, the healthier the animals. The ideal litter materials are straw, peat, sawdust and lime. After the mixing process in the container has been finished, the litter is spread up to the head region of the cubicles via the drum – comfortably and reliably for maximum animal comfort and udder health. Only in combination with electrical operation.

Rear discharge

Discharge in narrow dead-end feeding passages. For comfortable feeding even in narrow dead-end feeding passages, side doors behind the wheels are being used. The fodder is loosely discharged on one or both sides behind the wheels

Direct hydraulic connection

One double-acting connection for each function on the mixing wagon is required for operation via direct tractor connection. This type of operation is particularly useful if the mixing wagon is very rarely unhitched from the tractor or if the mixing wagon is only equipped with a side discharge (1 double-acting connection is required).

Operation via Bowden cable

Regardless of the mixing wagon equipment, a double-acting control device is required on the tractor for operation via Bowden cables. This type of operation is particularly useful if older tractors are used in front of the mixing wagon, which are equipped with a small number of control devices. Standard switchgears are also operated via Bowden cables.veyor.

Electronic operation

Just like for the operation via Bowden cables, a double-acting control device is required on the tractor for electrical operation, regardless of the mixing wagon equipment. Due to its compact dimensions and its light weight, customers who want to use the mixing wagon tractor also for other work on the farm from time to time, prefer this type of operation

Digi-Star EZ 2400 V

  • Adding weighing device
    Partial zero setting
    Mixing timer installed
    6 digits, each 43mm high
    W 254mm x h 188mm x d 127mm

Digi-Star EZ 3600 V

Programmable weighing device with data-transfer via data-key
20 recipes
99 components
6 digits each 43 mm high
Identification of the components as running text
w 262mm x h 183mm x d 127mm

Digi-Star CC 400

Additional display only together with EZ 2400 V or EZ 3600 V (wireless)
6 digits, each 25 mm high
Identification of the components as running text
Range to 300 m
w 185mm x h 135mm x d 80 mm

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