Giga Vitesse CFS

The Giga-Vitesse CFS Strautmann Forge / Silage Wagons comes in two  model,  the 01 & 02 model.

For almost 50 years, Strautmann has successfully been manufacturing forage wagons for a wide range of applications. From hay wagons to high performance silage wagons, cutting units from 6 to 45 knives in combination with powerful conveying units offer solutions for most different types of green fodder harvest. In  the forage wagon segment, the Vitesse series with its models Vitesse, Super – Vitesse, Giga- Vitesse and Tera- Vitesse has delivered excellent performance in practice over and over again.

The Strautmann Giga Vitesse CFS with its new conveying unit (Continuous Flow System) is now providing an almost unrivalled product for contractors and large businesses. This forage wagon is setting standards with regard to optimum loading, low power requirement and cost effectiveness.

The Giga-Vitesse CFS, is continuing the successful path which Strautmann has pursued since the introduction of the Giga-Vitesse. A high-performance conveying assembly with a unique cutting unit, together with a solid body and a variety of chassis types for most different conditions have gained an excellent reputation over the years.

Strautmann Giga Vitesse Silage / Forage Wagon Zero grazer, Silage Harvester

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