Magnon CFS

Strautmann Magnon CFS Silage Forage Wagon. For almost 50 years, Strautmann has successfully been manufacturing forage wagons for a wide range of applications. From hay wagons to high-performance silage wagons, cutting units from 6 to 45 knives in combination with powerful conveying units offer solutions for most different types of green fodder harvest. In the forage wagon segment, with the Vitesse, Zelon, Super Vitesse, Giga- Vitesse, Tera Vitesse and Magnon rages delivers excellent consistent performance.

Strautmann Magnon CFS Silage Forage Wagon is the flagship premium range of silage forage wagons that offers a host of new innovative feature; including a completely new pick-up concept and the new “Exact-Cut” cutting system and hydraulic swivelling front panel ensure maximum silage output.

Experience the unique Flex-Load pick-up in combination with our Continous Flow System CFS . enables Continuous and fast flow of material into the Strautmann forage silage wagon. The system ensures faster, gentler and diesel-saving loading

  • Loading capacity according to DIN of 42 – 52m³
  • CFS accelerator drum
  • Spiral rotor with tine plates
  • 48-knife cutting unit
  • Power required from 190hp
  • Flex-load
  • Exact-cut
trautmann Magnon CFS Silage Forage Wagon – zero grazer - Silage Harvester

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