Zelon CFS

The Strautmann Forage Wagon Zelon CFS is the smallest of the forage wagon ranges and comes in a varity of model such as the Zelon CFS 250,1 2901 & 3301.

Zelon Wagons offers the Continuous Flow System (CFS) from a loading capacity of 39 m3.  The  CFS unit enables you to load more tonnage per m3 – with less time and lower running costs.

For almost 50 years, Strautmann has successfully been manufacturing forage wagons for a wide range of applications. From hay wagons to high performance silage wagons, cutting units from 6 to 45 knives in combination with powerful conveying units offer solutions for most different types of green fodder harvest. In  the forage wagon segment, the Vitesse series with its models Vitesse, Super – Vitesse, Giga- Vitesse and Tera- Vitesse has delivered excellent performance in practice over and over again.


Strautmann Zelon CFS 2901 Silage / Forage Wagon Zero grazer, Silage Harvester

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