Strautmann 11 Shortest cut on the Market

Magnon 11 Silage Wagon

Strautmann has announced a new silage wagon series with a cutting length of only 22 mm, the shortest cut on the market. The new Magnon 11 silage wagon is designed to meet the needs of farmers who require a shortcut length to improve fodder quality and animal health.

The Magnon 11 silage wagon features a number of innovative features, i.e. :

  • A new rotor with 84 knives achieves a theoretical cutting length of 22 mm.
  • A proven “Exact-Cut” knife protection system that protects each knife separately.
  • Double-sided knife blades that can be turned over.
  • A maintenance-free cutting unit.
  • Conveying tines with 10 mm wide Hardox tine plates and additional armoring at the tine tip.
  • An oil-bath gearbox with an integrated planetary set that powers the rotor.
  • Drive gears in reinforced design and protection of 3000 Nm to take up even the highest tractor power.
Strautmann Knives with the Shortest Cut

The Magnon 11 silage wagon is expected to be available in a pre-series in a limited quantity for the coming 2024 season. As a result, the series run-in is planned for the 2025 season.

Benefits of a Short-Cut Length for Silage

A shorter cut length for silage has several benefits, for instance:

  • Better compaction in the silo, hence reducing the risk of faulty fermentation and improving the quality of the fodder.
  • Reduced selection in the feeding trough, which improves animal health and milk yield.
  • Increased digestibility of the forage, therefore leading to better feed utilization and animal performance.
Strautmann Magnon 11 Silage wagon

Strautmann’s Commitment to Quality

Strautmann is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery, known for its high-quality products and innovative technology. Furthermore, the new Magnon 11 silage wagon is a testament to Strautmann’s commitment to providing farmers with the tools they need to succeed. Finally, it is set to be unveiled to the public at Agritechnica 2023 in Hanover, Germany.