Strautmann Unveils New Electric Diet-Feeder

Strautmann presents a new generation of electric diet-feeder at Agritechnica 2023. The Strautmann e-Verti-Diet-Feeder is a fully electric battery-driven Diet-Tub-Feeder with a driving unit and integrated driver’s stand.

Strautmann's fully electric diet-feeder

The e-Verti-Diet-Feeder is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and excels with a compact design and maximum maneuverability. It has a powerful high-voltage battery with 40 kWh storage. Meanwhile, this enables working periods of up to 10 tons of mixed fodder without additional charging. System charges from standard sockets, enabling charging times under 6 hours.

Besides silent feeding, the machine can be used on almost all subsoils and slopes. The hydraulic traction drive in combination with all-terrain and large-sized tires enables the overcoming of sloping stable entrances and turning of the machine on the spot. The hydraulic unit is driven by a powerful electric motor of up to 46 kW. The mixer drive is powered by an electric motor with a top performance of up to 46 kW as well.

Strautmann Fully Electric  Diet-Feeder

The e-Verti-Diet-Feeder is controlled from an individually adjustable driver’s stand. Furthermore, a newly developed intelligent control set E-Control as well as a rear-view camera and a weighing device are installed in close proximity to the operator for comfortable and clear operation. Meanwhile, the control system, an in-house development by Strautmann, combines an intelligent BMS (battery management system) with a new development between a towed and a self-propelled diet-feeder.

Strautmann's fully electric Dieet-feeder

Presently, the Strautmann e-Verti-Diet-Feeder is available as a one-auger mixer with a usable mixing capacity of 10-12.5 m³. Finally, following intensive testing in practice in 2023 and 2024, the starting signal for series production is to be given on the occasion of the Eurotier 2024.