Aeon Centura Line

The future of crop care

The all-new HARDI Aeon Centura trailed sprayer line is a high-tech agricultural sprayer guided by the principles of lean farming – to do more with less. We have used the latest technology and the newest automation solutions to allow farmers to improve productivity while reducing waste. The Aeon Centura line trailed sprayers set’s a new benchmark for increasing food production in the face of growing environmental and climatic concerns.

Our starting point is always the farmer and agricultural industry. The Aeon Centura line trailed sprayer range is designed with user-friendliness and safety in mind. It is built to last, but without compromising on design. It is a dazzling machine with a sleek and dynamic outline that conceals a newly developed chassis and a unique tank design for maximum stability.

Presenting the latest in sprayer innovation

The Aeon Centura line trailed sprayer range offers perfect tracking, full suspension and a fully remote-operated spraying system. Combine this with incredibly fast fluid regulation, pressurised boom circulation and an exceptional boom management system, and the result is outstanding boom stability, spraying precision and drift control – which translates into real savings for the farmer.

In the quest to put the right dose in the right place at the right time, we are driven by data, and the Aeon Centura line offers cutting-edge connectivity for field mapping and remote diagnostics. With an Aeon Centura line you are prepared for the future!

Maximum stability

With the Aeon Centura line trailed sprayer range, we have outdone ourselves in the search for maximum driving stability.

We have set out to refine the shape of the tanks with an objective to prevent sloshing liquid from disturbing the machine’s balance while on the move. The result is a main tank with a wedge-shaped front. The novel design also guarantees complete tank emptying, even in hilly terrain.

Perfect weight distribution is achieved with dual Rinse-Tanks fitted on both sides of the sprayer towards its front to keep weight on the drawbar. By transferring weight to the tractor, better traction is achieved towards the end of spraying.

Add to this the sprayer’s excellent width-to-length ratio, and longer booms will never be a problem. The Aeon Centura line trailed sprayer range offers fantastic boom stability, even at high speed.

With its perfectly placed low centre of gravity and strong chassis, the Aeon Centura line trailed sprayer range will stand every test of durability.

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