The Hardi trailed range of sprayers is a popular choice for farmers. Tried, tested, and trusted – the Ranger, Navigator, Commander and AEON CENTURAline ranges come with features particularly suitable for small, medium and large-sized farms.

HARDI Ranger

Being the smallest in the large HARDI trailer range, the kinship does not fail. The RANGER is designed to meet the request for a simple and reliable trailer. This goal

HARDI Navigator

Welcome the new generation of NAVIGATOR field sprayers. To reduce the environmental impact as much as possible by increasing the application precision significantly and make the operation of the sprayer easier and safer for the driver, the NAVIGATOR “i” machines offers you the best intelligent spraying features

HARDI Commander

Farming practices are constantly changing. Farmers are met with a daily challenge to improve capacity and reduce operating costs. To help you to meet this challenge.


The all-new HARDI AEON CENTURAline is a high-tech sprayer guided by the principles of lean farming – to do more with less. We have used the latest technology and the newest automation solutions to allow farmers to improve productivity while reducing waste.