IAM Agricultural Machinery is delighted to be attending this year’s National Ploughing Championships, where we are unveiling a brand-new product!!.

Make sure to come see us at Stand 310 across the three days.

IAM stand at the Ploughing Championships 2023

Brand New Strautmann Zelon Forage Wagon!

IAM will be showcasing the all-new Strautmann Zelon forage wagon as the centerpiece at this year’s ploughing championships. Hence, this will be the first appearance of the Zelon on Irish soil, and where better to have it than Ireland’s largest farming event!

For the 2024 harvest season, Strautmann is revising the segment of Zelon forage silage wagons. Firstly, with an improved rotor drive, Exact-Cut knife system, and shorter cutting length, the new Zelon particularly appeals to dairy farms having their own equipment.

The new Zelon generation features a wider pick-up with steel spring tines and plastic scrapers, offering improved ground tracking and durability. Furthermore, an optional Flex-Load pick-up enhances tine longevity and eases replacement. It operates mechanically via a chain system.

Read more about the all-new Zelon here.

Strautmann Zelon Forage Wagon

TS-140 and Verti-Mix Feeders

For customers looking to utilize their TAMS III allowance, we will showcase the TS 140 with wide-angle spreading units. This machine is equipped with two beaters arranged horizontally in combination with two spreading discs. With a diameter of 620mm, 12mm thick milling tines, and 920mm large spreading discs the spreading unit ensures reliable distribution of spreading material over 24m’s width.

Strautmann - TS140- Muck / Manual Spreader - Slurry Tanks

IAM will have a selection of Strautmann Verti-Mix Diet Tub Feeders on display. Designed with precision and expertise, these feeders offer a perfect blend of functionality and durability. Likewise, with their innovative mixing technology, they ensure a consistent and homogeneous feed mixture, maximizing the nutritional value for animals.

Strautmann Verti-Mix Feeders

Bomford Turner hits the Ploughing Championships

On display, we will have our Kestrel Evo & S ranges. Moreover, the Hawk 6.0, 6.5, and 7.0 alongside the Falcon VFA and Osprey hedge-cutters will also be in action. Finally, keeping with TAMSIII, the Bomford Turner TurbomowerZ , Turbomower 280, and Dyna Drive will be showcased throughout the event.

Bomford Turner Hedge-cutters  on show at the ploughing

Hardi Sprayers on Show

Continuing with the TAMS III grant, the Ploughing Championships will hold host to an impressive display of Hardi Sprayers. Showcased will be an array of exceptional spraying solutions, including the reliable NK range, the high-performance Mega Model, the versatile Master Sprayer, as well as the advanced Aeon Trailed Sprayer. Moreover, with a commitment to accuracy, efficiency, and sustainability, Hardi has consistently pushed the boundaries of agricultural technology. Finally, visitors can experience first-hand the unparalleled capabilities, user-friendly design, and unmatched reliability of these state-of-the-art sprayers.

Hardi Sprayers Range NK's Aeon, Master, Mega on show at the Ploughing

Farmdroid FD20 – Live Demo

Farmdroid, a pioneer in agricultural robotics, will be present at the Ploughing Championships fresh off its victory as machine of the year in 2022. The cutting-edge FD20 is a game-changer in the farming industry, offering unparalleled precision and efficiency in seeding and planting operations. Designed to optimize productivity while minimizing labor requirements, the FD20 autonomously navigates fields, accurately sowing and seeding with unmatched accuracy and consistency. Undoubtedly the FD20 demo plot at the Ploughing Championships is an exceptional opportunity for farmers and industry professionals to witness first-hand the transformative capabilities of the FD20 agricultural robot.

Farmdroid FD20 to be showcased at the ploughing

You can find us at Stand 310 across the three days.